Continuing Education via
Distance Learning at RPTU



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6 good reasons
to choose RPTU for your distance learning

Distance learning at a public university

As a distance learning student at RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, you can take advantage of all the facilities of a large university, such as the university library or online self-study offerings.


Continuing education at an academic level

All of our Master‘s and Certificate programmes combine academic content with reflexion from a practical point of view and encourage participants to transfer their knowledge to their own professional activities.

Certified quality

Our distance learning programmes are part of RPTU‘s university quality management system. DISC‘s programmes are either accredited through internal RPTU procedures or undergo an external programme accreditation procedure.

Fair fees

As a public university, we do not work for profit, but to cover our costs. We are therefore able to offer our distance learning programmes at moderate prices.

Excellent work-life-learn balance

In our part-time degree programmes you study largely independently of time and place. This allows you to comfortably balance your studies with your other responsibilities.

Maximum support

Each of our distance learning programmes has a dedicated contact person who will provide you with comprehensive advice and support on all aspects of distance learning. You will also be able to interact directly with lecturers and fellow students during on-campus phases.

The distance learning programmes
at a glance


Education, Social Issues and Culture


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Leadership, Organisation and Counselling

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Management, Finance and Law


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Medicine and Psychology


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Technology, Engineering and Natural Sciences

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Degree Programmes in English

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Customised to your needs

The content, teaching methods and organisation of all distance learning programmes at RPTU are designed to
enable you to successfully complete your degree while working and fulfilling other obligations.


We provide you with comprehensive, scientifically sound and practice- oriented self-study materials that have been developed by experts especially for distance learning.


Our online campus is your interactive learning platform. You will also be able to stay in touch with us and your fellow students at all times.


This is where you consolidate the knowledge you have acquired through self-study in theory and practice. All dates will be announced well in advance.


The Distance and Independent Studies Center


More than 50 employees are currently ensuring the success of the distance learning programmes at RPTU's Distance and Independent Studies Center.


Stay up-to-date: Here you can find current information on our institution and our distance learning programmes.


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